Our hospital houses a large boarding facility, which is heated and air-conditioned, with a large outside playpens.  Boarding reservations should be scheduled in advance, especially during peak times:  Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

Our boarders are fed Hill’s Science Diets, unless the pet owner prefers to provide food.  Cats are provided with litter boxes and fresh food and water, all changed twice daily.  Dogs are taken outdoors individually, at least twice daily for exercise.  Their cages or runs are cleaned and they are given fresh food and water twice daily.  Any dog spending 7 or more nights is given a complimentary bath.


All pets admitted for boarding must be current on vaccinations.  These include Rabies, Bordatella and DHLP-P-CV for dogs and Rabies and FVRCP for cats.  A veterinarian must have given these vaccinations.  We are happy to call to verify vaccines if they were given at another veterinary hospital.  Prices are based on the weight of the pet and are charged by the night.  Animals must be picked up before 8:00 a.m. to avoid being charged another day's boarding.

We recommend that you bring the following when you board your pet with us:


One of our favorite boaders....


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